The Weekly Gleaner (Rupert Green)

Copyright THE WEEKLY GLEANER, New York        April 11-17, 2002
Review by Dawn Plummer

Rupert Green says he is responding to the controversial book, “Bell Curve” written a few years ago, that is the reason why he writes his book, “Advocating for and getting the best education for your children.” However not only is he responding to ‘Bell Curve” he is also improvising for single mothers and ‘too busy parents in the New York City. That is how I will summarize the effort of Mr. Green after reading his debut book. The book is written with an appeal to uphold education for children in the New York City’s public schools. Whether this appeal is for the good of all New York City’s children in the public schools, or for he getting the best education through the public schools for Mr. Green’s children, I am still not able to determine. The book also explains why some children in low-income neighborhoods fail that badly in the public schools. I will recommend this book to all parents who have children in New York City public schools. My reason for recommending the book is that the answers are there for parents who have problems with the schools their child/children attend. While reading you may not get the kind of organized materials that one is accustomed to when reading a book. The book does not have any chapters outlined. But each idea that Mr. Green writes about gives you something to work with done so without physically hurting anyone. Each letter or memo he wrote received is a real life experience and he shows us that parents can pool their effort and get schools operating in the right way. He let us know that the schools receives more money they ‘fail.’ Thus, principal living outside of the communities who have limited interest in the development of our children’s education enjoy it when the schools are failing. “More money is given for more low-income students they have,’ (Page 32). Green knows there are disparities in the school, but he is actually saying don’t give up as parents, getting involved in your children’s education. He has delved his time and passion into helping to fight for a good better education for all New York City’s children, in public schools. Green encountered oppositions from the schools. He uses his personal experience to tell his story about the public schools; he wants parents to learn to overcome the barriers in the schools and work hard to change them for the better. His mandate is to show parents how they can teach their children to survive in the system. His hints and tips should definitely not be ignored especially for parents with troubled children or parents who have children with low performance schools. For immigrant parents, this book is good for your child to do in schools. Green has paramount knowledge of how the city’s public school’s work; therefore, the book is an excellent guide for immigrant parents with children in public schools. The book is also a good guide for teenagers in the public schools who want to learn and go to collage. The book shows how affective parental guidance can be when parent have some knowledge of the schools system; the importance of parents participating and attending parent teachers meeting. Green made the commitment to work with the school for the benefit of his children.