Seaburn Call Wisdom

1) Seaburn Books is seeking to publish a series of ten books, each of which will deal with the life, thought, and contemporary relevance of one of the world’s great philosophers.
Each book thus should be divided into these three sections.

2)  While each book should be scholarly, we are asking that the primary focus be accessibility to the average reader.  Seaburn is hoping to make the great ideas palatable to the general public.  Our purpose is to disseminate knowledge in an enjoyable manner, not to perpetuate the obfuscation which is all too common in academic writing.  In order to implement this policy footnotes should be avoided.

3)  The ten philosophers who are to comprise the subject matter for the series are the following:

1)      Plato                                            6) Rene Descartes
(submitted by Prof. Glenn Statile)

2)      Aristotle                                       7)  Hume

3)      Augustine                                    8)  Kant

4)      Thomas Aquinas                          9)  Heidegger

5)      Machiavelli                                   10)  Sartre

11) Parmenides

4)   The prospective author should consult the guidelines for submission at  More specifically, each manuscript should be between
60 – 80 pages, with double spacing.

5)  Anyone interested in submitting a manuscript for submission should first
contact the publisher, Dr. Sam Chekwas by e-mail with a short proposal of about
300 – 500 words at
This proposal should be accompanied by a brief resume which should be limited
to those facts which would reinforce your candidacy as a Seaburn author.  No
previous academic experience or credentials, however, are necessary in order
to be given our full consideration.  We are looking for the best people,
regardless of background.  If the proposal is accepted then, upon its completion,
both an electronic ( and disk version (33-18 Broadway,
Astoria, NY 11106) of your manuscript should be sent to the publisher.  Any
contractual and financial arrangements will be finalized between the author and
publisher prior to publication.

Mail to:
Seaburn Publishing Group
P.O. Box 2085
Long Island City, NY 11102