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Guidelines: Seaburn Publishing seeks submissions for the purpose of extending its highly acclaimed series of Proverbs and Popular Sayings. Each book should be entitled, for example, Greek Proverbs and Popular Sayings, allowing, of course, for differences in the choice of nationality or ethnic origin. Each manuscript should be between 60 and 70 pages long. Avoid footnotes and pictures, although the latter can be discussed afterwards with the publisher and general editor after the work has been accepted and a contract negotiated.

The Manuscript should be double-spaced, without justification, and submitted electronically to under the subject heading of “Manuscript submission for Seaburn’s Proverbs and Popular Sayings Series.”

Each manuscript should begin with a brief introduction by the author which expresses appreciation for the historical dimensions of the culture to be highlighted in the book. The chapter headings should be as follows

Chapter 1 – Politics

Chapter 2 – History

Chapter 3 – Domestic Life

Chapter 4 – Religion

Chapter 5 – Sports

Chapter 6 – The Arts

Chapter 7 – Miscellaneous

Each of these themes are flexible and can be construed in conformity with the author’s wishes and inclinations. The final chapter is a catch-all so as to allow any worthwhile proverb or saying a place within the framework of the book.

Each chapter should consist of distinct entries of pithy proverbs and wise sayings which typify the relevant chapter theme. The entries need not be put in any particular order, but the order chosen should be motivated by a clear aesthetic goal – which in turn should be mentioned within the confines of the Introductory essay. Each chapter should be approximately the same size.

Finally, each entry should be followed by a brief commentary by the author which should both elucidate and accessorize its meaning. Remember – Each proverb or saying should be memorable in itself. Don’t choose any old saying solely in order to fill up space. If a saying is culturally significant, but neither profound nor witty, then the author can include it. But be sure to enhance it with adequate commentary.

Please Note: Manuscripts for the following ethnic groups are no longer needed.

[Greece, Jamaica, Turkey, Nigeria]

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