Breaking the Bonds of Dependence


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Author: Dr. Oswald Thomas

ISBN: 1-59232-061-9
Format: Paperback, 83pp
Pub. Date: July 2003
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group


The task of a Helping Professional may never be an easy one. Perhaps more important than schooling or counseling techniques, is the Counselor’s competence to provide support to the public.
Counselors working in community based organizations, often find themselves in dilemmas which go against their teaching and common practice – this may make the counselors oblivious to the negative effects of certain organizational practices on those who seek their services.
Often times, the counselor feels powerless to change the situation, thus, the organizational procedures and/or policies reduce the quality of services the counselors are able to provide, leaving the counselor feeling frustrated. This frustration is often transferred to the person seeking services, who may then attribute the counselor’s disposition to themselves as the source.
Throughout this project, the author illustrates some of the common mistakes made by Counselors who impose their will and values on the counselee, as well as setting their predetermined goals for the counselee to live up to.
The author believes that any counselor or potential counselor, who reads this text, will obtain a solid sense of what the profession entails.


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