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    Rigas Kappatos

ISBN: 10: 1592323588 / 13: 978-1592323586

Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry

by: Rigas Kappatos

Selection of seventy-nine poets (1863 – 1984) (Spanish Edition) [Paperback]

Language: Spanish


Meet the Author
RIGAS KAPPATOS (Cephalonia, Greece, 1934) is a poet, short story writer and translator. He studied literature, music and foreign languages, but his work as a translator of Spanish and Greek books has earned him many recognitions. His work in this field consists of close to twenty books of poetry, short stories and essays, and includes the Complete Poetic Works of Federico García Lorca y César Vallejo, selections of Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra, Oscar Hahn, Pedro Lastra, anthologies of Latin American poetry and of Peruvian and Chilean short stories (the last ones in collaboration with the poets Javier Sologuren and Pedro Lastra, respectively.) Riagas Kappatos is the author of The Best 100 Love Poems of the Spanish language and the author and translator or several books in the Greek, English and Spanish languages. I have been honored with awards and citations in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Greece.
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About This Book
Greek poetry with Homer’s IIiad as the cornerstone of its origins and the development of Western civilization, has evolved vigorously for more than three thousand years, giving rise, at present, to modern forms of literary expression. The poets included in this anthology bring us closer to these new forms of modern Greek and give an account of the history, the landscape and everyday life throughout the complex twentieth century that has just ended and this twenty-first century that is already in full swing .

ISBN: 10: 1592323588 / 13: 978-1592323586
Publisher: Salonica Press
Publish Date: August 15, 2012
Page Count: Paperback: 384 pages

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