Answers to trivia Questions for the Readers of Across time: Love Eternal

1) Answer: Ancient Egyptians believed a person’s name as well as the knowledge of how to make use of a name was of great importance and magic for both the living and the dead. It was great heka (magic).

2) Around 1333 B. C. Tutankhamun became king when he was about nine years old. Imagine yourself as a boy king. How does it feel? What would you do?

3) Answer: about 14,000,000 dollars.

4) Answer: Many wealthy ancient Egyptians own elaborate wigs made from human hair. They wore them at banquets and ceremonies. Also many village women wore wigs. Wigs were often used as a protection from sunstroke.

5) Answer: They learned in groups by copying and reciting texts that were filled with wise sayings and instruction on proper behavior.

6) Answer: Men and women never danced together. Dancing involved gymnastics and acrobatics.

7) Answer: Yes, rich Egyptians were among the first people to wear gloves.

8) Answer: Often a fly made of gold was awarded.

9) Answer: When a pet died they expressed their sadness by shaving off their eyebrows.

10) Answer: Like many people today they ate too many sweets!